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list of men Blanche finds attractive pt. 1

So, after Star's list, this is mine! Or well, first part of it. XD More some other day!

Warning: image heavy.

Donnie Wahlberg (41)

... sorry, there's no such thing as too much Donnie Wahlberg. >>;

Mark Wahlberg (39)

Joseph Mazzello (26)

Shia LaBeouf (24)

Ross McCall (34)

Hugh Jackman (42)

James McAvoy (31)

Josh Duhamel (38)

Dylan Young (??????? the internet doesn't want to tell me how old he is. But certainly above 20? Below 30... but then again, there's Ashton Holmes who doesn't look like he's 30, but he is...)

Eion Bailey (34)

Kirk Acedevo (39)

Matt Bomer (33)

Rami Malek (29)

Sam Worthington (34)

Robert Downey Jr. (45)

Henry Nixon (~30? AGAIN, the internet won't tell B()

THIS IS. BY NO MEANS. A full list. It's just what I have got up so far. XD; Listed the ages, because well... the ages speak for themselves, I think. B|a
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