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27 December 2009 @ 03:22 pm
So. My group has their own maillist, hosted by one of the guys.

A few days ago, before Christmas, one of the guys sent this:

Scientists estimated that one human cell holds 75MB of genetic information, so one sperm holding half of genetic information has 37.5MB.

In 1ml of semen there's 100 million of sperms. During ejaculation, which lasts averagely 5 seconds, 2.25ml of semen will be released.

When we calculate everything, we'll know that male penis has the output of (37.5MB x 100MB x 2.25MB)/5 = 1687.5 TeraBytes per second.

From this we know that female ovum can withstand DDoS attacks bigger than 1.5 PetaBytes per second, from the whole thing, it'll let only one packet of data through.

Which makes it the best hardware firewall in the world!

There's only one flaw...

That one packet of data, that the system will allow to pass, will freeze the whole system for 9 months.

Poorly translated by me, but I hope you get the picture. XD
09 July 2008 @ 11:22 pm
This has been long time in making:

Do you find me intimidating?

If so, why...? It's something I can never comprehend... and I'd like to understand, so I could stop.

The anon comments should be on, if you want to comment like that. IP addresses are off, I think.
11 April 2006 @ 07:46 pm
Starting today this journal is friends only <3

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The banner was made by perfectassassin~

i know you from rp? some community? we talked before? we talk a lot? for some reason you're interested in me?
comment and friend away.

however. do not friend me if you are or do the following:
- type in netspeak only. i don't care if you don't capitalize, though. just... no netspeak please.
- are an adult acting like a 5yo, we all have our more spazzy moments yes, however if you always act like you're 5... then I'd rather stay away. and you'll only do yourself a favour if you stay away from me in this case.
- can't deal with adult themes.
- can't speak coherently and/or logically.
- don't understand the concept of 'agreeing to disagree' or not forcing your own world views on others.
- you have ever seriously upset/hurt any of my friends.


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